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Office Policies

In order to assure that your visit and/or experience at Women’s HealthFirst is optimal, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following office guidelines and suggestions:

Preparing for Your Appointment

When you schedule your appointment, we will mail to you or instruct you to download from our website, patient registration and personal history forms. Please complete these prior to your visit and bring them with you at that time. It is essential that you have your insurance card, photo ID and other relevant referral forms with you. Insurance provider policies that we must follow dictate that you cannot be seen without presenting your valid insurance card and remitting your appropriate co-pay. This is very important, as it will prevent you from receiving unnecessary bills related to your care.

At your Appointment

New patients and newly pregnant patients are asked to arrive and check in 30 minutes prior to their appointment time (established patients should arrive 15 minutes ahead) in order to allow our staff time to copy cards and collect co-pays, and for you to give a urine specimen. In addition, if you have not completed any of the office forms, you will need time to fill them out prior to being seen. Office examinations and procedures require the blocking of rooms and provider time; appointments which are continually rescheduled and any procedure which is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance may incur charges. It is the goal of the Physicians and Physicians’ Assistants at Women’s HealthFirst to honor your appointment, to the best of their abilities. It is, however, in the nature of providing OB/GYN care that delays or emergencies can arise.

Understanding Insurance

Insurance matters can get confusing at times. That is why it is mandatory that you bring your insurance card with you to each visit, so we can maintain current insurance information about you in our system. Please know that we are here to not only help you with your medical care, but to also help you to navigate through your insurance coverage when necessary. Our office includes staff to work with you in facilitating your benefits coordination and precertification processes. For a list of the insurances Women’s HealthFirst accepts, please see the Fees and Insurance section on this website.

Urgent and Emergency Visits

We pride ourselves on being available for your urgent, as well as routine, obstetrical and gynecological needs. In most instances, we can offer you an appointment the same day, but certainly within 24 hours. For urgent or emergency visits, you may be asked to go to any one of our three offices, due to provider or ultrasound availability. There will also be instances when you will be directed to go to an emergency room or directly to Labor and Delivery at the Hospital. After hours, a physician is always on call. If you need to reach us, please call our main phone number 847.808.8884 and it will transfer you to our 24 hour answering service.

Medical Questions During Office Hours

During office hours, your medical questions will be answered by Board certified Physician Assistants (PAs). They are also seeing patients and will prioritize your call back after reviewing your chart. Any requests for an MD/ PA phone call within 2 hours of closing that are not emergencies may not be returned the same day.

Labs, Pap Smears, and Mammogram Reports

Results of patient blood work, Pap smears, or mammograms are usually processed in the office within 72 hours after receiving the report from the lab or Hospital. Please see Retrieval of Lab Results.

While a Hospital may state that your mammogram or ultrasound report will be faxed tomorrow, it does not mean that your physician has seen and/or signed off on the report.


We always work to accommodate your needs in a timely manner. Referrals to specialists are usually processed in 1-3 business days. Pre-certification for a CT scan or MRI can take up to 7 business days. To check status, please call Cassandra at 847.808.8884 ext. 8131.

Medication Refills

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your request for a medication refill:

  • Requests for narcotic and controlled substance refills are reviewed by a patient’s primary physician and are not done on weekends or after hours.
  • For birth control pill refills, if you have a current Pap smear on file or your annual exam is scheduled, patients can have their pharmacy fax a refill request to 847.808.8890. This is not considered an emergency.
  • If a medication is available over the counter (OTC), we will not write a prescription.

Website Correspondence

Our website functions to familiarize you with our practice, to give you guidance for your general OB/GYN questions and concerns, to educate you and to provide you with further resources. Medical questions will not be answered through our website email. If you have medical questions, please call our office so that a Provider can address your concerns.