Office Diagnostic Testing

Urodynamic Testing

Uroflowmetry | Electromyography Schaumburg IL | Barrington IL | Hoffman Estates ILIf you are experiencing bladder problems such as urgency, frequency or incontinence, your doctor may perform a battery of tests known as "urodynamic studies" to determine the specific cause of your symptoms. These tests are typically performed after an infection has been ruled out. Some of the tests performed for urodynamic studies are:

  • Uroflowmetry - This test measures the speed and volume of urine flow to determine if the bladder muscle is weak or urine flow is obstructed.
  • Cystometrogram - This tests measures how much pressure the bladder can hold before needing to empty. A catheter is placed in the bladder as more and more water is added until the need to urinate is felt.
  • Electromyography - This test measures the muscles in and around the sphincter to determine if the problem is related to nerve or muscle damage.

Other tests such as measuring residual urine volume may also be performed to help your doctor diagnose your urinary condition.

Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, targeted treatment recommendations can be offered.