New Testimonials from Our Hoffman Office

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October 12, 2011

Dr. De La Cruz and Anita Iyer were really good. De La Cruz delivered our baby and did a very good job with utmost care and diligence.

Dr. Szela is very professional. He always spends time answering questions I have and never rushes me.

This is my first baby. From day one, all the physicians and technicians increased my confidence. Each and every time, whenever I asked questions, they were very happy to answer. I got more info from PA's Neha Shah and Neha Dalal.

Very good experience and good take care.

All the doctors and nurses were very knowledgeable and always answered our questions. Dr. De La Cruz delivered our baby and did a very good job with utmost care.

I have been examined by Dr.'s Kleinklaus Lee and Mlynarcyk and found them to be quite good!

Dr. Mlynarczyk gave me my life back after I delivered an 11-pound baby.

I have been a patient for years. Had all my babies with you.

The physicians, ultrasound techs and staff at Women's HealthFirst made us feel confident that I was in great hands during my pregnancy and delivery. We gave birth to our first child in March 2011.

I have been a patient of Women's HealthFirst for over 11 years. This practice is exceptional! They are caring, forward thinking and proactive when it comes to women's health.

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