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New Testimonials from Our Buffalo Grove Office

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October 12, 2011

Anita Iyer has been my doctor for 4 years now & I absolutely love her. She delivered both of my daughters. She is very understanding, kindhearted, and makes you feel as comfortable as can be.

Dr. Eisenberg provides professional and informative service to his patients. His friendly and courteous manner make me feel comfortable with my examination and allows me to ask questions.

Dr.Eisenberg and his office staff are extremely professional. In cases of emergency, they always make sure the doctor sees me as soon as possible. I highly value the time the doctor spends with me during my appointments, and I get all of my questions/concerns answered. As well as he is always available to answer my questions over the phone, if needed, I have the feeling that my health is in the right hands of an outstanding, one of a kind medical professionals.

Dr. Eisenberg has been my doctor for thirty years. He takes the time to talk to me and I never feel rushed during my visit. I could not ask for a better doctor.

Dr. Eisenberg was the doctor on call when I went into labor and he took great care in delivering our healthy baby boy! We are so grateful to him and the rest of the physicians/staff who helped tremendously with each appointment during the pregnancy! Thank you Women's HealthFirst!

I have been a patient of Women's HealthFirst since 2001. Since that time, I have had three healthy children with a fourth due this fall. My experiences with the physicians-- especially Dr. Eisenberg, who has supported me through pregnancy loss, prenatal care, a successful delivery, as well as gynecological care, and staff has been second to none. The care, compassion, time, and support that has been provided to me throughout all of my obstetrical/gynecological healthcare needs is most appreciated.

Dr. Eisenberg provides professional and informative service to his patients. His friendly and courteous manner make me feel comfortable with my examinations and allows me to ask questions.

Dr Eisenberg is very thorough and takes the time to explain procedures and answer any questions I might have.

Dr. Eisenberg has been my ob/gyn for over 20 years. He is a terrific doctor, certainly knowledgeable about his field, but also compassionate to his patients. He takes the time to get to know his patients, their families, and their circumstances. He is a doctor that I highly respect and trust.

Women's Health First was amazing throughout  my pregnancy. I had Dr. Iyer for every visit and got lucky enough to have her as my doctor during labor & delivery! She is very caring, she treats you like a friend, not just a patient.

Dr. Eisenberg and his staff are always very professional and take wonderful care of the patients. I would always be accepted immediately in case of emergency; the doctor always spends enough time with me during my visits, so that I can get all of my questions answered.

I like Dr. Eisenberg very much. He spends a great deal of time with me and answers all of my questions. I also like the convenience of the office in Buffalo Grove and the fact that you take my insurance.

I would highly recommend Dr. Eisenberg and his office to anyone who wants to be taken care of in an exceptional way.

Everything is done very professionally.

Dr Eisenberg is so kind and polite. Fantastic bed side manner.

For over 20 years I have been seeing Dr. Eisenberg. He gave birth to three beautiful children. He also sees our daughter Christina (18 years old). Dr. Eisenberg always has been extremely professional, considerate, and supportive of our female issues and situations. We love him.

Dr. Szela is my doctor & he's just wonderful!

Eisenberg is a great doctor.

Everyone is really nice, office is really clean. Dr. Eisenberg is a very nice, friendly doctor. Overall, this is a very friendly environment.

I wanted to see a doctor today, and am very happy that Dr. Michael Eisenberg was able to do that. He was very clear explaining my test results and my future concerns.

My physician assistant was Mireya and I had a very pleasant visit. I came in 10 minutes early, filled out some paperwork, got called in right away, and only waited about another 5 minutes. Quick and easy exam at the doctors.

Really great service. The staff is really kind and helpful and Dr. Eisenberg is very knowledgeable and nice. We really recommend.

Everything was great. I have been pregnant 3 times and I loved the way they work and even the Dr Eisenberg is a great doctor.  My experience with him was great.

Dr. Eisenberg is a true professional in his field.  I found the overal practice friendly and professional. The doctors take sufficient time to anwer all my questions. The facility is clean and neat. It is very busy as it obviously is very popular. I have recommended this practice to many family and friends and they all feel the same.

Dr Eisenberg makes this practice. I must say that I go there because of my ob-gyn, Dr. Eisenberg. He is simply amazing and can answer all of your questions. My case is a little complicated and I have to see him every 6 months, but he is very knowledgeable and makes me feel like I am in safe hands.

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