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Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Weight Gain In Older Women

By admin
July 27, 2012

A new study published in the journal of Women's Health finds that older women who don't get enough vitamin D might be slightly heavier than those who do. The study, which examined about 4,600 aged 65 and older for 4½ years, found that women with low levels of vitamin D in their blood gained about ... read more

Superfoods To Boost Energy, Strengthen Muscles, & Keep Your Body At Its Best

By admin
April 12, 2012

With temperatures slowly rising and many parts of the country just emerging from that deep winter freeze, your body is likely longing for some warm summer sun. While there's nothing fun about blizzards, chapped lips, frozen fingers and shoveling snow, there are some powerful superfoods that can help keep your energy high, your immune system ... read more

Caffeine May Alter Women's Estrogen Levels, Study Says

By admin
February 8, 2012

A new study of reporductive-age women by the National Institutes of Health reveals some surprising information when it comes to women and caffeine consumption. Turns out that daily dose of caffeine may affect more than just your energy levels, depending on your race, that is. While caffeine alters estrogen levels, it appears to have different ... read more

Simple Steps For Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

By admin
December 8, 2011

Getting a good night's sleep is always an important component of a healthy lifestyle, but an adequate amount of rest becomes even more critical during pregnancy. Pregnancy often brings on all sorts of sleep disturbances including nausea, heartburn, frequent urination, leg cramps, and snoring, plus bad sleeping habits from before you were pregnant can make ... read more